• Neden Biz?
  • First Compare, Then Decide        

    Compare other firms’ opportunity served at a discount to renew machines with ours!


    • A number of firms have chosen us and have been going on choosing us by getting their machines renewed.
    • Compare other firms’ references with ours.
    • Safe service, quality and economic machines.
    • Compare other firms’ technical service opportunities to ours. If they design and produce as well as us and has a significant part in sector, of course.
    • Be careful! While buying your machine, you are safe if they have documents for exporting and produce even the smallest part on their own and set up your full equipments and promise to provide you a long-lasting technical service. If you cannot get information about their work system and machines, your corparation may be under risk.

    Online Face to Face Communication System

    • When you want to get information about our services and machines no matter what time it is, you’ll be contacted and replied.
    • Compare the service opportunities of other companies’ with ours!


    • Compare the price and quality of other companies with ours!
    • Our constantly renovated designs and easy usage of our machines will help you to increase your revenue.
    • Compare the number of other companies’ current machines with ours.
    • Be careful! During comparison, you may encounter with decieving numbers. What we mean with “the number of current machines” is the number of the machines they have produced just on their own, not the total amount of the machines they have bought from various companies.

    Service Quality and Performance

    • You will get high performance each time from our full automatic machines that have powerful equipment and is unlikely to have a halt.
    • Compare other companies’ service quality, maintenance and product performance with ours!
    • Compare other companies’ nationwide technical service to us!



    Our Experiences

    • You will have a helper who has faciliated in service and production in cleaning sector for years!
    • Compare other companies’ history with our foundation date!
    • You will get a service worked out with Türkiye’s most extensive research-and-development facilities on cleaning machines.
    • Compare others’ research-and-development areas with ours!
    • Our productions and the service you will get will support your business and contribute to your development.
    • Compare the results provided by other firms with ours!

    Customer Back-Up

    • You can get into contact with us anytime via e-mail, online back-up rooms or “call me” form.
    • Compare other companies’ communication and back-up opportunities with ours.
    • You will get our qualified service that has been being developed for years on a reasonable price.


  • Adres: Hamidiye Mh. Eyyubi Cd. Lütuf Sk. No:14 Sultanbeyli 34925 / İSTANBUL
  • Telefon: +90 216 327 23 00 (pbx)
  • Fax: +90 216 327 23 06 (fax)
  • E-Mail: info@temakmakina.com